10 of the best vegan dishes in Las Vegas to try right now

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Las Vegas is a mecca for vegan dining. In fact, there are more than 20 vegan restaurants in Las Vegas, and hundreds of restaurants that offer vegan menus and options. If you’re looking for the best vegan restaurants in Las Vegas, these are the our top 10 picks. Plus, here are five unique vegan restaurants in town. And, we’ve gone even further.

We know there are so many options for vegan dishes that it’s hard to narrow it down. So, we’ve assembled our top 10 vegan dishes you’ve got to try in Las Vegas. From scallion pancakes to grilled cheese birria (whatttt), this is the list for you.

1. Any sushi – Chikyū Vegan Sushi and Izakaya

Chikyū is a plant-based Japanese restaurant in Las Vegas. The Las Vegas vegan restaurant serves izakaya and sushi. For more vegan dining in Las Vegas, visit

There are numerous vegan restaurants in Las Vegas serving sushi. But, none do it quite like Chikyū. Here, you’ll get local ingredients and plant-forward sushi that’s as delicious as it is breathtaking.

2. Truffle Meatloaf – Barry’s Downtown Prime

Looking for a steakhouse with vegan options in Las Vegas? Check out the vegan options at Barry's Downtown Prime. For more vegan dining, visit

Forget what you know about meatloaf. And Las Vegas steakhouses. Barry’s Downtown Prime raises the bar for both. This meatloaf is plant-based and bursting with umami flavor. It’s topped with shaved truffle for a little sexy.

3. Scallion Pancakes – The Black Sheep

Easy vegan scallion pancake recipe from Chef Jamie Tran of The Black Sheep. For more easy vegan recipes visit

There’s a reason James Beard nominated Chef Jamie Tran made it to the top four on Bravo’s Top Chef, and it’s on full display with her scallion pancakes at The Black Sheep. These delicate pancakes come topped with spicy braised shiitake mushrooms, jicama, pickled radish and micro cilantro. Every bite leaves your tastebuds tingling.

4. Aglio e olio – La Strega

Vegan Dish of the Day: La Strega's aglio e olio in Las Vegas. For more of the best vegan food, visit www.vegansbaby.vom

There’s pasta and then there’s La Strega’s pasta. While we’d normally shy from suggesting a pasta as one of the top 10, Chef Gina Marinelli’s homemade pasta is tops. The simple pasta is light and oh-so-fresh. It features bucatini noodles tossed in rich Sicilian olive oil. The dish comes topped with garlic, chili flakes, chives and toasted breadcrumbs. Finally, it’s finished with fresh lemon. 

5. Louisiana Hot Link – Souley Vegan

Looking for vegan soul food in Las Vegas? Check out Souley Vegan. Here is what to order at Souley Vegan. For more vegan dining in Las Vegas, visit

Chef Tamearra Dyson’s Souley Vegan features a massive menu of veganized soul food dishes. Dyson, who famously beat Bobby Flay and took the honor of being the first vegan chef to do so, nails the Louisiana Hot Link. Using housemade links, she smothers it in garlic aioli, diced tomato and creamy dill slaw.

6. Cannoli – Tarantino’s 

Tarantino's Vegan, Las Vegas' first fully vegan Italian spot is now open! For more vegan options in Las Vegas, visit

There are very few places to get vegan cannolis in Las Vegas. Tarantino’s, an all-vegan fast-casual Italian joint has your back. They’ve got rich cannolis that will have you question if they’re vegan (they are).

7. Any of the chicken sandwiches – Garden Grill

7 dishes to order at Garden Grill in Las Vegas. For more vegan dining in Las Vegas visit

While there’s literally nothing on Garden Grill’s menu that isn’t worth ordering, their chick’n sandwiches will blow your mind. The housemade patties come extra battered and crunchy and in four flavors. Choose from our top pick, the Nashville Hot, or the buffalo or original. If you’re looking for something less fried, they’ve also got a blackened patty sandwich.

8. Vegan Pizza  – Guerrilla Pizza

10 best vegan dishes in Las Vegas. For more vegan dining in Las Vegas visit

The best vegan pizza in Las Vegas is at Guerrilla Pizza. Serving Detroit deep dish, their pies with tangy sauce are what vegan pizza dreams are made of.

Guerrilla Pizza serves Detroit vegan pizza in Las Vegas. For more vegan pizza options in Las Vegas, visit

Order the breadsticks at Guerrilla, too. They can easily veganize them and the pillowy sticks are a must.

9. Everything – Good Morning Kitchen

7 dishes to order for vegan brunch at Good Morning Kitchen in Las Vegas. For more vegan dining in Las Vegas visit

This vibrant brunch spot shows vegans what brunch should be in Las Vegas. With everything from omelettes to benedicts and the best Reuben you’ll have, Good Morning Kitchen’s menu is a must. So, grab a group and order all their vegan options.

10. Grilled Cheese Birria – Tacotarian

Tacotarian’s birria is amazing. And, Tacotarian’s newest creation, the grilled cheese birria is even more fantastic. It’s gooey cheese filled with birria meat along with the soup for dipping. Ah-mazing.

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